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Talent Mobility Management solutions

Walking to College

Intercultural Training

Cultural awareness is one of the key competences while working in a global team. Knowledge of the impact of cultural differences helps you and your company to succeed in international business. Improving levels of cultural awareness can help you to avoid costly failures of communication.

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Old town of Tallinn Estonia

Expat Support Solutions

Relocation is an investment. You want your employee to succeed and deliver high performance from day one. Professional expat support programs will help you to meet this goal and increase your return on investment. However, underestimating or not managing relocation related challenge and stress increases the risk of losing valuable talent, and do harm your business.

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Partner and Family Support

Living abroad may cause a lot of stress for expatriates and their families. If not managed, it can negatively affect the organization. Family issues, such as concerns over children’s education in a new location, and partners and spouses not wanting to compromise their own careers remain major obstacles to employee mobility. Research shows that about 60% of expats indicate personal reasons rather than professional for failed assignments.

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Global Talent Management

Global talent mobility has become an essential part of corporate talent management strategy. Executives and HR professionals recognize that placing the right people in the right place at the right time and at the right costs increasingly drives the success. Career-driven relocation has become business as usual requiring companies to align workforce mobility to achieve better business results.

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Destination: Estonia – Relocation Guide

We are happy to announce the launch of „Destination: Estonia – Relocation Guide“, the official guide for newcomers moving to Estonia. To welcome everybody and help them settle in smoothly, Estonian Investment Agency in cooperation with Talent Mobility Management has published a special handbook.

The online book is also a useful tool for all the employers looking to hire foreign specialists to work in Estonia. It covers all the basic subjects from formalities to free time gathered into a single publication with additional links and sources to make relocating to Estonia easy for everyone.

Welcome to Estonia!

Read the online book from ISSUU: Click here to read