Partner and Family Support

Living abroad may cause a lot of stress for expatriates and their families. If not managed, it can negatively affect the organization. Family issues, such as concerns over children’s education in a new location, and partners and spouses not wanting to compromise their own careers remain major obstacles to employee mobility. Research shows that about 60% of expats indicate personal reasons rather than professional for failed assignments.


Partner and Family Support Program

We help you to create a welcoming and supportive community for your company’s families. We will assist the spouse/partner of the relocating employee in exploring career opportunities in Estonia. For spouses/partners who are not intending to work in Estonia, the program will offer different cultural and social activities.


Our solutions to partners and families of the relocating employee include introduction to work opportunities in Estonia, CV/Resume advice, career counseling and coaching, advising on education/training options, career and social networking and focused cross-cultural training for accompanying spouses/partners and family members.