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Intercultural Training

Cultural awareness is one of the key competences while working in a global team. Knowledge of the impact of cultural differences helps you and your company to succeed in international business. Improving levels of cultural awareness can help you to avoid costly failures of communication.


Cross-cultural Orientation Program – Living and Working in Estonia

The program provides you with essential cultural information necessary to succeed both professionally and personally in Estonia. The training program is tailored and customized for your needs that will facilitate the smooth and quick adjustment to living and working in Estonia and to strengthen individual intercultural competence. The program can be combined with consulting and coaching to address the specific needs.


Cultural Awareness Program

The program helps you to understand how your own cultural history can affect interaction with colleagues and business partners from different nationalities and be aware of judging other people’s behavior and beliefs according to the standards of your own culture. The program increases your knowledge of the most typical behavioral styles of people from different cultures and helps you to develop an attitude of tolerance towards differences.